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The CEO and founder of Brand New Life 
Professional Services, LLC.

Danielle A. Rice created Brand New Life to assist individuals who are experiencing difficulty managing their lives as a result of undesirable transitions. Although, Miss Rice's education and training qualifies her as a mental health therapist and life coach, her desire for helping others stems from her own personal life experiences. Her life is dedicated to human well-being and her passion is teaching individuals to overcome adversity without losing their enjoyment for life.  

Danielle A. Rice has first-hand experience in conquering traumatic life struggles and throughout the years she has learned how to manage her life effectively. Mrs. Rice has also learned how to make life work for her, instead of against her. Once, she discovered what true happiness felt like, Danielle realized that it did not depend on her circumstances, finances, relationships, or any other external force. She believes that her happiness comes from within and starts and ends with her.  

Danielle understands that she has the awesome power and ability to experience happiness regardless of the circumstances around her and that true happiness is a wonderful thing that no one can take away from her. She longs to share her happiness with others and teach them the skills to remain stable and joyful in all situations.  

Mrs. Rice has an intense passion and desire to help heal hurting people. She believes that many individuals can obtain knowledge and skill through education and training. However, passion is something that you are born with and there is no educational program, nor degree, nor training discipline that can provide you with the passion that lies deep within your heart.

Life is challenging, but it is manageable. Let Danielle A. Rice be your coach and learn how to create a 'Brand New Life' of wholeness and healing and feel great in the process! You can be as happy as you purpose to be. Commit to embracing a new way of living. 

Start living a Brand New Life!

"Helping people who are hurting is my passion." - Mrs. Danielle Rice   

Danielle A. Rice can help you create A Brand New Life...Sign-up Here!

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