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At Everything Brand New we provide personalized support geared 
specifically for women-Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically and Mentally.  

Women often experience their own set of life challenges and respond to life stressors differently than men. Therefore we created a program with special considerations to meet the specialized and unique feminine issues.

  • Female-Specific Counseling

  • Life-Skills Coaching for women

  • Self Esteem Training

  • Empowerment Training

  • Rejuvenation and Healing Instruction

  • Anger Management Coaching

  • Parenting Enrichment Classes

  • Constructive Communication 

  • Instruction

  • Domestic Violence Support

  • Referral assistance for housing, health and legal resources

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Everything Brand New: Text

Brand New Woman - (MIND)

  • Empowerment Training-“knowing your abilities” power coaching

  • Self Esteem Building-“knowing your value” power coaching

  • Rejuvenation coaching-restoration, healing and rebuilding, learning to let go

  • “Brand New Beginnings” power coaching-How to move on

Brand New Beauty - (BODY)

  • Self-Care Coaching

  • Self-maintenance Coaching - beauty and skin care regime

  • Self body-work Coaching - Physical health, fitness, nutrition

Brand New Teens - (Teenage Girls)

  • Adolescent mentoring services

  • Teen empowerment program - “Young Ladies of Empowerment”

  • Teen Independent living skills/healthy lifestyle trainings

Brand New Independent Living Skills (ILS)

  • Budgeting and money management

  • Effective communication

  • Social skills

  • Self-advocacy

Our Training services include group and individual sessions to explore new perspectives in life and create exceptional results through life coaching and counseling approaches.

Everything Brand New: Text
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