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The program is designed to create a positive, uplifting and educational 
outlet for inner-city girls between the ages of 13-18 dealing with everyday challenges.

  • We provide life-skills coaching and mentoring for female teens regarding constructive steps to taking control of their life situations; making healthy choices and creating positive outcomes.

  • We specialize in offering teens a diverse programs that will shape their lives.

  • Providing access to education and personal enrichment.

  • Facilitating empowerment workshops, life skills training and community service activities that help teens to build positive relationships, strong work ethic and increase self-esteem.

Monthly sessions include:

  • Educational trainings

  • Open discussion

  • Hands-on activities​

We partner together to make a difference in the community by training our female youth to become successful leaders!

Independent surveys have shown that our program proven to be successful in decreasing the occurrences of teen incarceration; increased school attendance and grades; increased parental cooperation and an increase in overall decision making. Our Brand New teens work hard to make their dreams become their realities. 

Brand New Teens Workshop Topics:

  • Healthy Self Esteem

  • Dating and Relationships/Developing and nurturing relationships

  • Etiquette/How to/societal standards

  • Appropriate attire/fashion/clothing standards

  • Finances/Independence/Self reliance

  • Positive Communication Skills/How to say it/Social Skills/social media

  • Assertiveness/Conflict resolution/Anger management

  • Community Service/Volunteering/helping others

  • Academics/College Readiness/Maintaining good grades/study skills/homework habits

  • College search/applying for college

  • Job search/Career planning/Resume writing/interview skills

  • Health and Fitness

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Adolescent Mentoring Program

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